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Secure Finances


What Do Crooks Do With Your Personal Information?

  • Go on spending sprees with your credit/debit account numbers
  • Change mailing address on your credit card accounts
  • Take out loans in your name
  • Establish phone service in your name
  • File for bankruptcy in your name to avoid paying debt
  • Give your name during an arrest

Here are some very helpful articles to explain the importance of protecting your finances and action you can take.

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Protect Your Finances

Watch this video on Protecting Your Finances, as seen on WHLT news

If you receive a call regarding your bank account or personal finances, you should ask which institution is calling. Few of these scammers, if any, have record of your personal finances including where you bank.

Do not give out any personal information over the phone. Your financial institution would never solicit to your personal home or cell phone and ask for your personal finance information such as your full social security number, full bank account or debit card number or PIN. Your bank or credit union will already have this information on file.

Be skepticle of automated phone messages regarding your personal finances. Most scammers won't take the time or risk calling themselves and will use an automated phone system or pre-recorded message to collect your information.

If you are ever in doubt; do not release any information, get off the phone, and phone your financial institution regarding the call to verify its validity.

Any fraud or scam activity within Mississippi should be reported to:

Office of the Attorney General of Mississippi
Consumer Protection Division


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