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Who We Are

Mission Statement

To be your financial partner for life; Value Proposition: We promise to exceed your expectations by: simplifying your life, working in your best interest, helping you achieve financial success, enriching your community.


The Masonite Employees Federal Credit Union was chartered October 16, 1953. Since then your credit union has grown into a multi-million dollar financial institution. The credit for success of your Credit Union ultimately lies with you, the member.

Many individuals have donated their time and efforts serving on various committees and as directors, but you cannot have a Credit Union without people willing to save and borrow.

The credit union name changed January 1, 1983, to Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union. It was the result of expanding the field of membership to include other employee groups. The Hattiesburg office relocated to a newly constructed building in May, 1991.  A second office in Laurel opened in April, 1995. Our second location in Hattiesburg was opened in July, 2000.

Thank you for being a member and actively supporting your credit union.

“Credit Unions who have merged in with Central Sunbelt FCU”


Black Creek FCU

Green County FCU

Howard Employees FCU

Jones County School District FCU

Lamar County FCU

Masonite Employees FCU

Pike County Teachers FCU


Board of Directors

Board members are elected annually by the membership. Board members are responsible for reviewing the current status of the Credit Union and approving policies.

Volunteer Directors are as follows:
Dale Wood Chair
Chris Diabin Vice-Chair
Kaye L. Ray Secretary/Treasurer
Joe Hancock  
Thomas I. Williams  
Robert Dearman  
Edwin Todd  

Supervisory Committee

Members are appointed by the Board of Directors.  Committee members are responsible for performing and reviewing internal audits and verification of accounts.

Supervisory Committee members are as follows:
Jolynda Moorer Chair
Susan McCall  
Dusty Holifield  

Auditors and Examiners:

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal regulatory agency, examines the Credit Union for safety and soundness. The NCUA Share Insurance Fund insures all types of deposit accounts up to $250,000 so you can have peace of mind knowing your deposits are safe.Recently the NCUA began insuring credit union retirement accounts up to $250,000. Basic coverage on other credit union accounts has also increased to $250,000. Our CPA Audit is conducted annually and is currently being done by Nearman, Maynard, Vallez.

Phone Number: (601) 649-7181          Toll Free: (855) 786-2228          Sunny By Phone: Option 1          Lost or Stolen Debit Card: (601) 649-7181
This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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